COVID-19: It’s Time to Rethink Where, How and Why We Work | World Economic Forum

Workforce Trends

While the concept of the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) has been with organizations for the last few decades, it has more recently come under scrutiny due to the current pandemic. And although there are many definitions of the EVP, in general, it refers to an organization’s unique offering for prospective and current employees/workers. These offerings include things such as pay, benefits, affiliation, career, and the work itself, to name a few. The crisis has provided workers the opportunity to re-evaluate what they want from work and how and where they want to work beyond the pandemic. Organizations now have an opportunity to re-evaluate and modify their EVP to better align with what workers’ value–with the intent that doing so will drive productivity, engagement, and heighten talent brand, to name a few. This article highlights a few considerations related to an organization’s EVP, including flexibility in where work gets done. It argues that organizations “need a blended strategy supporting different parts of the workforce with combinations of in-person and distributed working.” As noted in the article, “if employees can relocate anywhere, companies can support economically challenged cities, smaller towns, and rural areas by bringing jobs to people, rather than requiring people to move to jobs.” Efforts like these can also help accelerate diversity and inclusion efforts. Other ideas are discussed.

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