Creating Long-Term Value through Human Capital Management and Disclosure | The Conference Board

HR Effectiveness

Over the past several months, I have shared resources regarding The Security Exchange Commission’s (SEC) requirement for public companies to disclose how they manage their human capital management (HCM) in their upcoming annual reports. These resources range from 1) a webinar by Mercer Consulting, 2) an article from Visier, and most recently, last week, 3) an article by Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance, which examined the HCM themes of the first fifty 10-Ks filed. As I continue to get requests for additional resources on this topic, I wanted to share this excellent 23-page report that was just published by the Conference Board. The report provides several insights that guide senior executives and others responsible for developing, executing, and disclosing companies’ HCM strategies. It also offers suggestions on the critical roles that the board can play in HCM, and how firms can effectively communicate and disclose HCM to various stakeholders. Pages 14 and 15 cover a list of HCM information relevant to a company’s performance and which boards may be interested, such as workforce capability, diversity, and employee experience. Page 17 provides a few company examples of recent HCM disclosures. For those of you who are members of the Conference Board, they also have an online toolkit with resources that can help guide firms’ on their approach to HCM disclosures.

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