Critical Role Identification and Risk-Evaluation Template | Brian Heger

Talent Management

While there has been a much-needed shift in broadening our view of work beyond jobs and roles, an organization’s ability to identify and plan for its critical roles remains important for effective workforce planning and talent management. Yet, organizations encounter challenges when identifying critical roles, such as assessing criticality based on a role’s job level rather than its impact on strategic objectives and stakeholder value. Beyond mere identification, evaluating various risk factors associated with these roles is crucial. Against this backdrop, here is my new editable template designed to help organizations identify critical roles and estimate related risks. The template allows users to enter roles to evaluate and simply click a box to indicate when any of the indicators are descriptive of the roles. Although I’ve previously shared individual tools for critical role identification and risk assessment, I’ve combined them into this single template. As with all the templates and worksheets I provide, the aim is to jumpstart conversations that lead to more informed talent decisions. Simply discussing these areas, even without completing the template, can unveil opportunities for more impactful talent planning.