Decoding Global Ways of Working | BCG

Workforce Trends

This 24-page report summarizes how worker preferences and attitudes are changing regarding a variety of workplace topics. It is based on responses from a 40-question survey of 209,000 people in 190 countries. A few of the many covered topics include Page 10 (Exhibit 8) how workers’ remote work expectations across 20 different job roles (e.g., consulting, science and research, customer service, manufacturing, retail, etc.) continue to increase. “Even workers in manual, healthcare and social jobs want to work from home occasionally.” Concerning flexibility of work hours, 64 percent of workers would prefer flexible hours, and only 36 percent want a traditional 9-to-5 job. Besides flexibility in when and where they work, respondents indicate that financial compensation has increased in importance, particularly in China, Poland, and Russia. Simultaneously, longer-term benefits, such as learning and skills, have declined in importance (See Exhibit 11 p.14.) These trends are likely due to the economic threats and uncertainty people have faced in the past year. You can see the top worker preferences across six major regions and 20 countries on page 16 of the report. 

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