Decoding the Digital Talent Challenge | BCG

Talent Management

As many firms undergo digital transformations, they seek to attract and retain digital talent in IT, automation, and analytics, to name a few. But as noted in this report, digital workers have even more employment options than before—making this a highly sought-after talent segment. And as the power dynamic between employers and digital workers continues to shift in favor of workers, employers must adapt to remain attractive to this talent segment. Based on a global survey of almost 10,000 digital workers, the report shares digital worker sentiments about remote work, job change, and what their preferred workplace should offer. A few of the findings include: 1) Digital workers are primarily leaving their current roles for better career opportunities and new challenges. They feel undervalued and are seeking a better work-life balance. 2) These workers seek even greater flexibility in where and when they work, and 3) Sixty-eight percent of surveyed digital workers say they are willing to work remotely for an employer that lacks a physical presence in their country, opening up opportunities for firms to broaden their digital talent pool. Page 5 includes the top 10 countries where digital workers would seek remote employment. With 40 percent of surveyed digital workers actively job hunting and close to 75 percent expecting to change positions in the near future, firms have an opportunity to strengthen their attraction and retention efforts for digital talent.

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