Designing Performance Management to Work for Hybrid Work | Reworked

Talent Management

This article, by Stacia Sherman Garr of RedThread Research, shares four strategies to adjust performance management (PM) practices for a hybrid work world. In particular, it helps minimize the risks of unintentionally disadvantaging people—from a PM perspective– through hybrid work arrangements. Said differently, it provides the opportunity to enable people to do their best work and have a fair shot at being recognized for it. The four tactics include 1) Goal or objective clarity is vital. 2.) Check-ins and alignment conversations need to happen weekly. 3) Broaden the pool of feedback sources. 4) Make time to reduce bias in assessments. A few tactics across these four areas include ‘requiring managers to discuss direct reports’ performance with leaders and peers’ and ‘analyzing performance scores by gender, and discussing potential anomalies.’ These and other tactics can reduce bias in a hybrid work world in which biases are more likely to manifest. If you missed it, you could also check out this one-hour webinar by Angela Lane and Marc Effron on tactics for reducing PM bias. Similarly, this additional article by Deloitte provides tactics for mitigating PM bias.

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