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Talent Management

As COVID-19 continues to impact the nature of work, digitalization, and engagement, there will be several implications for how talent management will be delivered in the future. As pointed out in this article by PepsiCo’s Allan Church and Sergio Ezama, the crisis has reset the beliefs, aspirations, and expectations of both employees and employers, which in turn may alter established talent management practices.” The authors suggest that three significant shifts will persist over the next several years: 1) Reconfiguring the nature of work and careers. For example, as the gig market expands, many employees will leave traditional jobs for more flexible working arrangements, providing a deeper talent pool. As virtual work has gone mainstream and the myths about working from home have been debunked, workers and companies will embrace this new employment contract.” 2) Ruthless process digitalization – such as interviewing and onboarding post-hire, can all be done virtually. 3) Focus on the “new face” of engagement.  Organizations will revisit and redefine the organization’s employee value proposition (EVP) and its social contract with its workforce. Organizations will need to determine a) which EVP elements are positive attractors in the new reality and should be amplified, b) which are neutral and should be reconsidered, and c) negative and should be abandoned or at least minimized. Organizations can use the ideas from each of these areas to help determine talent priorities and the allocation of talent management resources.

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