Discussion: The Future of Work | The Washington Post Live | Laszlo Bock

HR Technology Podcast | Webinar

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its various applications, such as machine learning, continues to transform aspects of work and the workplace. This 48-minute discussion provides insights into how components of AI are being employed in the workplace. The first segment includes Laszlo Bock, former SVP of People Operations at Google, and now CEO of Humu. Laszlo talks about how technology and AI can produce larger scale behavioral change through the concept of “nudging.” A nudge is a reminder sent by text or email that is tailored and timed to prompt people toward small behavioral changes. For example, an employee might get a nudge encouraging her to speak up in the first 10 minutes of a meeting. Another might receive a nudge urging him to ask someone who is quiet- what do you think? The concept of nudging activates clusters of people (from different directions) as a way to drive behavioral change. Other ideas are discussed.

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