Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Have Failed. How About Belonging, Dignity and Justice Instead? | World Economic Forum

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Despite well-intentioned efforts to drive improvement in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), many measures show the DEI practices have fallen short of their intended outcomes. A recent study by Josh Bersin Academy found that DEI training is one of the least impactful practices, despite the millions of dollars invested. The same research shows that only one in five companies holds themselves accountable for DEI in its business practices. In this separate article, the authors suggest that this area’s progress could accelerate by shifting from DEI to Belonging, Dignity and Justice (BDJ). Belonging is one’s physical, emotional and psychological safety; the indescribable feeling of being welcome. Dignity describes the sacred nature of each individual’s personhood. Justice is the repairing and restoring of individuals. Regardless of the model or acronym to which one subscribes, firms need to identify and execute the vital few practices that drive meaningful progress. Besides the Bersin report, you can check out the Center for Employment Equity Report, Evidence-Based Ideas to DEI in the Workplace, for researched-based strategies and practices.

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