Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lighthouses 2024 | World Economic Forum

Leadership & Culture

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) remain a top priority for many organizations. However, translating this priority into quantifiable, scalable, and sustainable DEI practices remains a challenge for many. To aid organizations in navigating this journey and implementing impactful DEI practices, this comprehensive 38-page report offers valuable insights. One section starting on page 9 covers seven case studies featuring organizations leading the way in DEI practices, such as HEINEKEN and PepsiCo. One example involves McKinsey & Company, which, upon analyzing internal retention metrics, identified higher attrition rates among mothers returning from leave compared to their colleagues. In response, the company launched a reboarding program implemented across its European offices, providing comprehensive support to all colleagues—regardless of gender—returning from leaves exceeding 12 weeks. This initiative resulted in a noteworthy 20% reduction in attrition among mothers returning from leave. In addition to these seven case studies, the report also sheds light on practices from six other organizations and outlines a framework comprising five common success factors across DEI efforts (see page 8). To supplement this report, here are two previously shared reports on DEI 1) a 50-page report by the Center for Employment Equity that provides DEI research-based strategies and 2) a 62-page report by the Wharton School of Business that examines the relationship between seven categories of DEI practices and 12 workplace outcomes (e.g., burnout).