Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Planning Template for Human Resources Leaders | Gartner

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Many leaders promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in their organizations. Yet they often struggle to make meaningful progress in DEI. Although there are various reasons DEI efforts lack impact, one fundamental barrier is an unclear DEI strategy, actions, and accountability. This Gartner resource provides CHROs and DEI leaders with a one-page editable template (p.7) that can help capture a statement of DEI strategy, metrics, and risks and pitfalls to avoid, to name a few. Although the simplicity of a one-page document belies the multi-faceted and complex components of DEI, it provides an easy way to effectively communicate and measure DEI progress. As a bonus, here are two previously shared DEI resources: 1) Elevating Equity: The Real Story of Diversity and Inclusion | Josh Bersin. This 52-page research report includes an analysis of over 80 DEI practices correlated with various financial, business, and workforce outcomes. The study’s output is five essential DEI strategies and 15 practices that matter most, regardless of industry, geography, and company size. 2) Evidence-Based Ideas to DEI in the Workplace | Center for Employment Equity Report. This 50-page report provides six chapters (each addressing a particular DEI topic) of research-based evidence DEI strategies and tactics.