Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Playlist | Multiple Resources

Leadership & Culture

As many organizations continue to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, this one-page playlist includes five articles and resources to consider. The link in the first column will take you directly to the complete resource. The second column summarizes the article’s focus. For example, the Josh Bersin Company’s 52-page report analyzes over 80 DEI practices and how they correlate with various outcomes. Another 61-page report by The World Economic Forum identifies five success factors common across DEI efforts and shares examples of how companies implement these practices across their organization. A Harvard Business Review article by Lee Jourdan explores DEI progress through the lens of meritocracy—where decisions about promotions, salaries, and other rewards are based on objective criteria. It uses seven key metrics—spanning the entire employee life cycle—to be most helpful in assessing progress towards a true meritocracy. The Boston Consulting Group provides ideas on how firms can significantly improve feelings of inclusion for People with Disabilities (PwD), while McKinsey explores ideas for Chief Diversity Officers and how they can be effective in their role. Which ideas will you pursue for the remainder of this year as part of your organization’s DEI strategy?