Report: Elevating Equity: The Real Story of Diversity and Inclusion | Josh Bersin Academy

Leadership & Culture

Virtually every report I have read on 2021 business and talent priorities has Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) near the top of the list. And while many firms have affirmed DEI as a priority, what is less evident is the DEI practices that organizations will embrace to drive meaningful progress. To help organizations make these decisions, this 52-page research report analyzed over 80 different DEI practices and correlated them with various outcomes (financial, business, and workforce). The study’s output is five essential DEI strategies and 15 practices that matter most, regardless of industry, geography, and company size. One finding is that DEI training, recruitment practices, employee resource groups, and many other DEI interventions add value – but not as much as previously suggested. Two practices that differentiate on workforce and business outcomes is when 1) DEI efforts focus on the company ecosystem–partners, suppliers, and customers, and 2) when the CEO sets the strategy and frequently communicates DEI progress. The report includes a four-stage DEI maturity model (p.25), and page 33 provides a framework for understanding how DEI touches every aspect of the company.

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