Emotion Analytics Used in AI Recruitment Tools Are Not Only Unethical But Incorrect | The Sociable

HR Technology

As video technology and AI are increasingly adopted by many organizations in the context of recruiting, we continue to learn of the downsides that these technologies (many of which are in their infancy) can sometimes bring. One of the recruiting AI applications that have come under increased scrutiny is emotion analytics (EA) -a software that collects data on how a person communicates verbally and nonverbally to understand the person’s mood or attitude. It uses this information to determine how suitable the candidate is for a role and how successful a candidate will be in the position. However, research from psychologists, plus concerns from AI experts and privacy groups, indicates EA does not produce accurate results. This article goes into more detail on this topic. It is a good reminder that while we should continue to use and explore new recruiting technology, we need to consider the unintended consequences that some of these tactics can have on fairness, employee experience, and hiring decisions.


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