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As HR practitioners, we must often build business cases for pursuing a certain initiative and articulating its ROI. And over the years, I have received several requests for a variety of statistics that could help colleagues support that endeavor. One area for which a litany of statistics have been compiled during the past decade is employee engagement and retention. With that as the backdrop, I came across this resource that appears to have well over 200 stats on the topic and which may be useful to some practitioners. Each statistic has a link back to the original source and is broken out by 1) employee engagement and retention, 2) workplace satisfaction, 3) employee benefits and 4) miscellaneous. Even if there is no need to use this information in the near-term, it is interesting to see the variety of statistics, some of which are conflicting. It might also help to inform other important topics such as the employee experience and workforce preferences and values to name a few.


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