Employee Experience in 2021 and Beyond: Listening at Scale | Josh Bersin Academy via Perceptyx

Talent Management

Throughout the pandemic, it has been necessary for firms to understand their employees’ challenges and needs quickly and at scale. Many organizations have relied on employee listening strategies to understand these issues and develop rapid responses. As firms continue to refine their employee listening strategies during the pandemic and beyond, this report provides ideas for doing so. Page 5 provides a view of the various employee listening channels such as pulse surveys, email sensing, and exit interviews. And since these tools require technology solutions to deliver at speed and scale, pages 5 and 6 provide a set of questions to consider before determining technology needs. One recommendation is to “consider what your approach is to the employee experience – and what listening architecture supports that.” The table on page 6 provides insights on how technology can enable employee listening at scale in three areas 1) collecting information, 2) analyzing information, and 3) distributing insights and taking action. For additional ideas, you can check out the book Employee Surveys and Sensing: Challenges and Opportunities.

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