Employee Experience: Research Findings | Limeade Institute

Talent Management

Despite the growing interest in the notion of the employee experience (EX), there is still an opportunity to understand further the impact that the EX has on business and talent outcomes of interest. This research by Limeade set out to answer two questions on EX. 1) Does a positive EX relate to significant differences in outcomes of interest, such as an employees’/workers ‘intent-to-stay, likelihood to recommend, engagement, well-being? 2) Which organizational care elements (e.g., fair pay, receiving feedback, feeling respected, etc.) most strongly predict a positive EX? The findings show:  1) those with a positive EX had significantly higher outcomes on all variables of interest than groups who had an unfavorable experience. 2) Of the 25 drivers of EX that were explored, the items that most impacted the EX related to the emotional connection one felt to the organization — specifically, feeling cared for by one’s organization, trusting one’s organization, and viewing the organization’s culture as positive. This finding reinforces that EX drivers are more than “transactions that occur or processes, and systems— it’s about how employees feel about their organization overall.” Although there are limitations to the study, the findings provide useful insights for informing current EX practices and future research.

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