Book: Employee Surveys and Sensing: Challenges and Opportunities | W. Macey & A.Fink

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Understanding employee and worker sentiment continue to be an important capability for most organizations. And with employee sentiment being able to change quickly amid multiple variables, as well as being linked to performance, an organizations’ ability to continuously understand employee sentiment–at any given time–seems even more critical than before. Over the past several years, employee survey strategies have evolved significantly–ranging from design, technology, analytics, and insights. With so much change in this space, it was refreshing to see the recent release of this resource. This book provides a current view of employee survey topics ranging from measuring employee preferences, survey analytics, applications of computational linguistics and artificial intelligence, and ensuring the protection of data and the privacy of survey respondents. This book is part of the Society for Industrial Psychologists collection and provides the most current and comprehensive review of ideas and practices that I have come across on employee surveys. Whether you are responsible for designing, executing, and interpreting survey results, or someone who wants to understand the potential of employee surveys in helping to drive business results and other important organizational outcomes, this book will provide several useful insights.

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