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Talent Management

According to a recent Conference Board report, talent attraction and retention are global CEOs’ top priorities in 2022. As firms seek to attract and retain the best talent, many are turning to their employee value proposition (EVP)—the set of attributes the labor market and employees perceive as the value gained through employment with an organization—as a source of differentiation. This 17-page editable PDF allows firms to gather and summarize information from three critical sources to inform their EVP design: 1) The labor market (including current employees), 2) talent competitors, 3) organizational strategy. For example, page 8 enables a firm to look at its overall target labor market and identify the top attraction drivers, top attrition drivers, and top perceptions of the organization. Page 9 then helps firms segment their target labor market to identify differences between overall labor market preferences or perceptions. These and other templates in the document can help firms identify opportunities to adjust the design of their EVPs to better attract and retain talent today. As a bonus, I am resharing this reference by Mercer that looks at which EVP components are top of mind for different worker segments.

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