Employee Wellbeing Playlist | Multiple Resources

Leadership & Culture

This one-page PDF contains a playlist of five resources for enabling employee wellbeing (EWB) in an organization. A few of these resources include:

  1.  The Workforce Well-being Imperative by Deloitte Insights, which shares how three determinants disproportionately impact employee wellbeing: Leadership (how leaders behave), Design of Work (how work is organized), and Ways of Working (how work gets done).
  2. Addressing Employee Burnout: Are you Solving the Right Problem? This article from the McKinsey Health Institute explores how firms can address the organizational causes of burnout, such as toxic workplace behavior and ineffective organizational systems.It provides eight questions to help identify these systemic causes of burnout. For example, one question is: “Are we effectively tackling the stigma that impedes people from seeking help for mental health needs?”
  3. Major Six-month Trial Finds Working a Four-day Week Boosts Employee Wellbeing While Preserving Productivity. This study, conducted by a team of social scientists from the University of Cambridge in collaboration with Boston College, shares findings from a 6-month study on the potential benefits of a 4-day work week. One finding shows that reducing the work week by 20% (days worked) without cutting pay resulted in significant decreases in workforce stress and sick days, an improvement in worker retention, and a better work-life balance for most employees while still achieving key business metrics.

The five resources on the playlist have clickable links to the source documents.