Employer DNA: The Power of People Analytics | The HR Director

People Analytics

Many organizations continue to shift from using anecdotal evidence alone and instead rely on people analytics (PA) to inform and determine people and workplace decisions. This article argues that a firm can transform how it runs and allows leaders to make more effective decisions by understanding its Employer DNA – a metaphor for describing an employer’s unique purpose and values. The article submits that PA can be used to determine an Employer’s DNA and the extent to which these values manifest through a firm’s culture, behaviors, employment proposition, and employee experience. It provides a “five-rung ladder” analogy to describe different PA levels: 1) Operational, 2) Descriptive, 3) Diagnostic, 4) Predictive, 5) Prescriptive. The authors mention that only 6% of employers go beyond the third rung and use advanced analytic techniques to inform decision making and gain strategic insights, such as Employer DNA. Other ideas are provided, including examples of progressive analytic techniques organizations are deploying.

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