ESG and the Role of the Chief Human Resources Officer: A Best Practices Study | The HR Policy Association

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Chief People Officers continue to play a more significant role in shaping and articulating their organizations’ narrative on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. A recent The Conference Board report, The CHRO’s Role in Navigating the Future of Work, notes how HR Leaders are increasingly called upon to shape the corporate voice on social issues, articulate the company’s mission and purpose, and communicate the people strategy to more stakeholders. As pointed out in the report, “with increasing demands for transparency and disclosure from regulatory agencies, investors, workers, and other stakeholders, CHROs will partner with C-suite colleagues to not only address disclosure requirements but also articulate the impact of human capital management, including ESG goals.” While I can’t share The Conference Board report due to it being only available to its members, I include here a 39-page report by The HR Policy Association—a lead organization representing Chief Human Resource Officers of major employers, comprising over 390 large and influential global organizations. The report covers ESG in the context of the Chief Human Resources Officer’s role. And while the report is from 2019, it provides many useful insights. Page 13 has a section on best practices from firms such as CVS Health, Dick’s Sporting Goods, General Mills, HP, Johnson & Johnson, and The Procter & Gamble Company, to name a few.

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