ESG Stories L&D Leaders Should Be Telling to Inform Their Organizations’ ESG Narrative | Gartner

Talent Development

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) are a growing priority for many organizations. As I mentioned in my post covering The Conference Board’s recent report, Telling Your Human Capital Story, developing a compelling human capital strategy and ESG narrative must go beyond providing metrics. It must put the numbers in context and tell a compelling story for various stakeholders. A critical component of that story is providing a picture of an organization’s commitment to talent development. This new Gartner article suggests how Learning and Development (L&D) leaders can inform the talent development component of their organizations’ ESG narrative. One section notes how a talent development narrative in an enterprise ESG report should include: 1) an introduction, often describing the general corporate philosophy and promise concerning talent development, 2) an explanation of how managers are supporting employees holistically with personal and professional growth opportunities, 3) a summary of the current year’s initiatives and how they align with the talent development strategy, 4) any related outcomes and 5) tables containing the key metrics described above. Other ideas are discussed for articulating a comprehensive talent development narrative for ESG.