First 100 Days: A Guide for New-to-Role Heads of HR | Gartner

HR Effectiveness

Hundreds of Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) appointments have been made over the past few months. And it is encouraging to see that many of these appointments are of first-time CHROs. Given the criticality of this transition, it is essential that these new HR leaders effectively plan and execute their transitions so they can gain early momentum that positions them for long-term success. This Gartner reference covers nine steps for accelerating a successful transition of new CHROs. The steps range from accelerating your listening tour, solidifying your working relationship with your CEO, and building effective relationships with key board members, to name a few. Regarding the board, CHROs have an opportunity to expand talent discussions with board members beyond traditional topics, such as succession and compensation. And now that many boards have a renewed interest in talent and workplace issues fueled by the pandemic, CHROs are positioned to help boards play a more prominent role in responding to these issues. As HR leaders determine which topics they cover with their boards, I am resharing this Deloitte reference that includes fourteen questions that boards ask concerning the workforce, such as: Does the way we work promote and support individual physical and mental well-being? How and is it measured? 

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