Five 2020 Predictions on Learning Trends From Josh Bersin | Strivr Blog

Talent Development
One of the topics getting the most attention in business today is upskilling, reskilling, and redefining jobs for the future of work. Josh Bersin offers 5 insights for how learning and development (L&D) will transform in the year ahead. Insight #5: L&D must focus on developing “T-shaped” employees. This type of employee has broad #skills across many areas (the horizontal part of the T) as well as deep expertise in one area (the vertical of the T). As #automation continues to redefine work, today’s employees are well-served to have broader cross-functional skills that go beyond what can be automated and that complement the deep knowledge needed for their particular role. This has implications for strategic workforce planning and L&D. The end of the article has a link to one of Josh’s articles on power skills which builds on this topic and helps to unpack the complex topic of skills. 

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