Five Reports from Q124 on Talent and the Workplace | Multiple Sources

Workforce Trends

As I continue to receive requests for various talent and workplace reports, I have created this one-page playlist of five reports published in Q124. This PDF includes hyperlinks to each report and a summary of its contents. A few of the reports and select highlights include the 2024 Mercer’s Global Talent Trends Report, which found that employees cited “too much busy work—tasks that lack value” and “too many interruptions/not enough thinking time” as factors hindering productivity at work. The 2024 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report includes a section on microcultures, beginning on page 79, emphasizing that organizations should embrace a “culture of cultures” rather than pursue a singular common culture. This approach tailors cultures to the unique needs of local teams while aligning with overarching organizational values. The 2024 Korn Ferry Talent Acquisition Trends Report highlights six trends in talent acquisition for 2024, one of which is the intersection of AI and recruiters, with AI streamlining time-consuming recruiting tasks, such as assessments and scheduling. This practice enables recruiters to prioritize the candidate experience, relationship management, and innovative talent sourcing. Other sources include LinkedIn’s 2024 Workplace Learning report and the World Economic Forum’s report on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.