Five Talent-Management Practices In A Post-COVID-19 Era | McKinsey

Talent Management

Although CHROs and their teams continue to navigate their organizations through the recovery phase of the pandemic, many of them are simultaneously developing HR and talent practices for a post-COVID-19 era. This article outlines actions that HR organizations can take in evolving five talent-management practices for a post-pandemic environment. The five practices areas include 1) finding and hiring the right people, 2) learning and growing, 3) managing and rewarding performance, 4) tailoring the employee experience, and 5) optimizing workforce planning and strategy. Concerning workforce planning, organizations can a) reassess the roles that are most critical in the current stage of the crisis and how they may differ in the recovery phase and beyond, b) look beyond titles and traditional roles by instead looking at the underlying skills that people have and comparing that to future needs, and c) using artificial-intelligence-enabled tools that match individual’s skills, performance, and career interests to open jobs or other work (e.g., short-term projects). Practical suggestions are provided for each of the five talent areas.

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