Fortune 500 Executives Tell Us What Their Post-Covid Workplaces Will Look Like | Great Place to Work®

Workforce Trends

As vaccinations get deployed and firms increasingly envision return-to-work plans, organizations are trying to gain more clarity on when and how they’ll reopen their office. To shed light on this topic, the Great Place Work conducted a recent survey with 79 executives from 56 Fortune 500 companies. A few findings include: 1) When leaders expect a return to the workplace.  52% (7-12 months); 30% (6 months); 13% (13-18 months); 1% (19-24 months). “Hospitality and retail leaders are likely to return sooner, with 78% anticipating a return within the next 6 months.” 2) The extent to which the workforce will continue to work remotely full-time. 3 of 5 executives believe up to 25% of their workforce will continue to work remotely. Technology and financial services organizations anticipate the largest remote workforce after the pandemic, at 40% and 35% of their staff remaining remote, respectively. 3) Regarding the degree to which executives believe working from home has affected company culture and productivity. There are mixed perceptions; 50% say productivity was not impacted; 30% believe teams were more productive; 20% say there were mixed impacts on productivity across teams and business units. Other results are provided as well as a few suggestions on actions that can support a successful return to the office.

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