Four Essential Questions for Boards to Ask About Generative AI | McKinsey

HR Technology

This article discusses four essential questions that boards should pose to company leaders, including those in HR, regarding the implementation of AI in the workplace.1) How will generative AI affect our industry and company in the short and long term?, 2) Are we balancing value creation with adequate risk management?, 3) How should we organize for generative AI? 4) Do we have the necessary capabilities? Regarding question #4, “Do we have the necessary capabilities?”, Chief HR Officers and their teams must think through several considerations, such as the new skills that employees will require as their interaction with AI increases. Which skills will become more important? Which will be less important? Apart from skills, it is crucial to consider the organizational culture. The authors emphasize that companies struggling with innovation and change may encounter difficulties in effectively adopting generative AI. “To ensure ethical and successful implementation of AI in the workplace—a learning culture, shared responsibility, and accountability are crucial.” HR leaders can assist their organizations in contemplating the cultural shifts necessary for successful AI adoption. As a bonus resource, I am resharing the Conference Board’s report, “Generative AI: Questions CHROs Should Ask.” This report contains 35 questions that Chief HR Officers and their teams should consider as they help their organizations prepare for AI in the workplace.