Four Examples of How Organizations are Implementing Different Workplace Practices | Curated by Brian Heger

Workforce Trends

As HR practitioners learn from peers about the impact of talent and workplace practices being implemented in their organizations, here are examples to draw from:

  1. Internal talent marketplace. This MIT Sloan Management Review article delves into Booz Allen’s initial year experience in launching an ITM, highlighting hurdles faced, strategies applied, and key lessons learned. One takeaway emphasizes the necessity for significant cultural shifts in ITM implementation.
  2. Childcare Benefits. A new report from the nonprofit Moms First and BCG showcases how five companies are achieving positive results by offering diverse childcare benefits. For instance, UPS saw retention rise from 69% to 96% among hourly workers after a three-month pilot program for emergency onsite childcare. 
  3. Reducing Meeting Overload. This article shares how Asana and Slack reduced the number of meetings in their organizations. For example, Slack implemented no-meeting “Focus Fridays” and “Maker Weeks”— where teams cancel recurring internal meetings and focus on creating, whether that’s coding, writing, planning, or something else.
  4. Remote Work Impact on Hiring. Yelp’s 2024 Remote Work Report reveals a 43% increase in total job applicants since the company instituted its remote-first policy in 2021.

What ideas will you implement in your organization?