Four Performance Management Resources to Support Year-End Reviews and 2022 Objectives | Multiple Authors

Talent Management

With 2021 coming to an end, managers and workers are preparing for year-end performance reviews and 2022 objective setting. To help firms prepare for these discussions, I have pulled together a few previously posted resources on performance management (PM), which can be accessed by clicking the links in this summary. And while this is not an exhaustive list, a few tips and resources include: 1) Incorporate thought-provoking questions into these discussions to help identify what workers value in their work, careers, etc. (see Chengyi Lin’s INSEAD article, Performance Reviews Need a Brand-New P&L, which has questions to ask, such as What are your aspirations for career advancement? What are your needs at this life stage? How do your lifestyle needs align with your growth aspirations?) 2) Determine how and if goals should be adjusted and how these decisions affect the way managers evaluate and reward employees (see Marc Effron’s article, How to Manage Performance Management Post-Pandemic). 3) Implement tactics for mitigating PM bias. (see Deloitte’s article, Mitigating Bias in PM.) 4) As work becomes more project-based with shorter performance cycles, provide employees with feedback, evaluation, and rewards based on their project-to-project performance. (see Gartner’s Six Predictions for the Future of PM.) For additional resources on PM, you can click here.

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