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The Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) role continues to be one of the most important in many organizations. Over the last 80 days alone, I have tracked 307 CHRO appointments (hires and promotions) as part of CHROs on the Go. A segment of these appointments is in organizations where the CHRO role is newly created. As CHROs move into their new roles, here are four previously shared resources that can accelerate their transition.  1) Spencer Stuart – New CHRO Playbook: Getting Off to a Strong Start as a New Chief Human Resources Officer. This resource helps CHROs gain momentum through an eight-point transition plan spanning 114-days. 2) Gartner – First 100 Days: A Guide for New-to-role Heads of HR. This reference offers nine steps for accelerating a successful CHRO transition. 3) Deloitte – The Workforce Takes Centerstage: The Board’s Evolving Role, which includes 14 questions that Boards are asking CHROs about the workforce and talent. And given that CHROs effectiveness is significantly impacted by the quality of their team, Jim Shanley’s and Marc Effron’s article—4) The CHRO’s Team: What Matters Most—offers five questions CHROs can ask themselves to determine if they have an all-star HR team. Whether you are an aspiring CHRO, new to the role, or an experienced Head of HR transitioning into the position at a new organization, each resource provides helpful insights.

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