Four Ways Internal Talent Marketplace Can Enable Strategic Workforce Planning | Brian Heger

Workforce Planning

Strategic workforce planning (SWP) is a priority for many organizations. Simultaneously, organizations increasingly use internal talent marketplaces (ITM) to deploy internal talent more effectively. While SWP and ITM are often discussed separately, ITM is an important enabler of workforce planning— necessitating a clear connection between the two. 

This PowerPoint slide illustrates four SWP capabilities, the talent challenges they address, and how ITM enables each capability. The slide is from my book chapter in Strategic Workforce Planning: Best Practices and Emerging Directions (The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Professional Practice Series—published 3/29/24). The four examples include: 

  1. Broaden the internal talent pool. Identify ”hidden” internal talent with the skills and the desire to take on new opportunities.
  2.  Unlock workforce capacity. Release “trapped” capacity by enabling workers to flow to areas where their skills and interests add value.
  3. Stabilize internal talent supply. Stems unwanted turnover by making career opportunities more prominent, accessible, and transparent.
  4. Accelerate upskilling and reskilling. Uses organic opportunities for developing employees’ skills and building organizational capability.

You can modify the slide as you see fit to articulate the connection between SWP and ITM.