From Workforce to Work-Task Planning | Dave Ulrich | Talent Quarterly

Workforce Planning

This article provides an expanded view of workforce planning by introducing a 6 step approach to “work-task planning.” While strategic workforce planning approaches usually include the first 3 steps: 1) Business Strategy, 2) Strategic Capabilities, and 3) Critical Roles, the work-task planning concept dives deeper by deconstructing these roles into 4) Tasks (the core components of what the role does) and then specific 5) Activities ( key activities of accomplishing the tasks in terms of actions and behaviors.) The purpose of getting to the “activity” level is to isolate which tasks require strategic, creative, and unique solutions that are more likely to be done by full-time employees who become a source of strategic differentiation. For the remaining tasks that are routine and standard, other options for delivering that work are considered, including technology-enabled solutions, outsourced workers, etc. This framework helps to evaluate and determine which work delivery options are the most optimal.

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