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Last week I made a post about a Harvard Business Review article written by Jeanne C. Meister and Robert H. Brown, titled 21 HR Jobs of The Future. The article provided insights into 21 HR jobs that will evolve HR’s role over the next decade and is based on feedback from nearly 100 CHROs, CLOs, and VP’s of talent and workforce transformation. When I shared this article on Linked In, there were a few people that inquired about seeing the detailed job descriptions for the 21 roles. One of the authors, Robert Brown, was kind enough to share a 60-page report with me that provides the details on each of these roles. For each role, the report includes a 1) Position Summary, 2) Overall Requirements, 3) Specific Responsibilities, and 4) Skills and Qualifications. I commend both Jeanne and Robert, their teams, and those who provided input into the research for expanding our thinking on how the future roles in HR may need to change to support a new world of work. For me, the value of this work is less about whether all of the predictions come true, but rather that it is expanding our thinking on how the HR function will continue to evolve in ways that will drive business and workforce strategies of the future.

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