Future of Professionals Report: How AI is the Catalyst for Transforming Every Aspect of Work | Thomson Reuters Institute

Workforce Trends

This 36-page report explores the anticipated impact of generative AI on the future of work. Based on an international survey of over 1,200 individuals (a relatively small sample size), the report identifies three key thematic areas related to AI’s impact: 1) Productivity, exploring professionals’ views on AI’s potential for operational efficiency and increased productivity; 2) Value, examining how AI can enhance professionals’ capacity to provide value to organizational stakeholders; and 3) Responsibility, stressing the importance of responsible AI implementation to build trust, encourage adoption, and establish necessary safeguards. In section #2 (Value), starting on page 19, the report underscores that substantial training and development efforts will be needed to unlock AI’s potential value. This effort encompasses basic AI utilization training, upskilling and reskilling of existing professionals, and a reevaluation of education for junior professionals. Recognizing that the demand for these skills may not manifest until 18 months from now, organizations should ask critical questions, such as: a) How do we assess AI’s impact on our workforce’s skill requirements? b) How do we evaluate the availability of these skills within our current workforce and the external market? c) What is our strategy for acquiring, developing, or sourcing skills where gaps exist? While numerous other questions merit exploration, these initial inquiries provide a foundation for organizations seeking to harness AI’s value.