Future of Recruiting: 6 Predictions on How COVID-19 Will Transform Hiring | LinkedIn Talent Blog

Talent Acquisition

While recruiting functions have always had a difficult job, the role has gotten more challenging amidst a new set of circumstances accelerated by the pandemic. To help manage through these challenges, this Linked In (LI) article–based on insights from survey responses and interviews with over 1,500 talent professionals and data from LI’s proprietary platform– provides six predictions about the future of recruiting. The predictions range from “virtually recruiting remote workers is the new norm” to “your employer brand will hinge on empathy and actions.” In particular, one prediction has the potential to transform recruiting practices in many organizations: Recruiting will hire less, build, and borrow more. As firms move away from “static jobs in siloed departments and toward project-based cross-functional work, where employees will shift to new projects as business needs change” employers will find themselves tapping into their internal talent marketplace to meet talent needs with speed and flexibility. This practice will also require a strong partnership with L&D functions to ensure upskilling and reskilling of internal talent. Other ideas are discussed.

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