Future of Recruiting | Linkedin Solutions Report

Talent Acquisition

This LinkedIn report outlines 7 ways recruiting will/is changing based on input from thousands of talent acquisition professionals. Insight #4 on p. 21 (Your #metrics will track outcomes, not just actions) shares how the more commonly used activity-based metrics, such as time-to-fill, candidates per hire, or offer acceptance rate, are being augmented with outcome-based metrics, such as quality of hire (QoH) and sourcing channel effectiveness. Although there are organizations using these outcome-based measures, there are still gaps. For (QoH), it is often an elusive measure for organizations, and while no one calculation is used, most businesses use a combination of 3 core metrics (retention, engagement, and performance). The report has several insights including that the metric with the biggest gap between usefulness and actual use is candidate experience, a measure that is increasingly vital to organizations.

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