Future of Work in a Pandemic Era | The Xerox Future of Work Survey

Workforce Trends

A new global business survey commissioned by Xerox of 600 IT leaders across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany and France, show “that an estimated 82% of the workforce in respondents’ organizations will have returned to the workplace in 12-18 months, on average.” In preparation for a return, companies are investing in new resources to support a hybrid remote / in-office workforce, with 56% increasing technology budgets and 34% planning to speed their digital transformation as a result of COVID-19. Also, 58 % intend to change their work-from-home policies within the next year, “instituting the option to work indefinitely from home for those whose roles allow for it.” Within that group, nearly a third said they were examining implementing that change immediately. Despite employers’ receptivity to remote work arrangements, 95% of respondents say that in-person communication is vital for personal development and assessing talent. As such, widespread remote work will not replace more traditional workspaces, but instead, give rise to hybrid work arrangements. Additional insights are provided and can be used by organizations to make and implement decisions in this area.

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