Future of Work Report: AI at Work | LinkedIn Economic Graph

Workforce Trends

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LinkedIn Economic Graph just published its second quarterly AI at Work report, a follow-up to its initial release in August 2023. Drawing data from over one billion professionals and 67 million organizations within LinkedIn’s platform, this 35-page report explores the evolving landscape of work shaped by AI. One projection is that by 2030, the skills required for jobs will change by up to 65%, affecting over half of LinkedIn’s members whose jobs will witness AI disruption or augmentation. Such a projection raises critical workforce planning and talent management questions, such as: What will be the impact of AI on skills for our organization? How will this change employee roles? What roles will be newly created? Which will become obsolete?

As organizations answer these and other questions, I am resharing two reports by The World Economic Forum:

  1. Future of Jobs Report 2023. Explores how jobs and skills will evolve over the next five years.
  2. Jobs of Tomorrow: Large Language Models and Jobs. Discusses the direct impact of Gen AI on various jobs and work tasks.

Other ideas are presented in the LinkedIn report, including as AI helps workers be more productive and spend less time on repetitive tasks, it will make unique people skills like leadership and creativity even more valuable both in individual organizations and the broader talent market.