Future of Work Report: AI at Work | LinkedIn Economic Graph

Workforce Trends

The newly released 30-page report by LinkedIn provides the latest real-time trends on how AI is impacting various aspects of work. Notable trends include: 1) The share of English-language job postings referencing new AI technologies (e.g., GPT or ChatGPT) has increased by 21x since November 2022. This trend raises the question: how will organizations evaluate workers’ proficiency using these technologies? 2) Eighty-four percent of US LinkedIn members are in jobs that could leverage generative AI (GAI) to automate at least 25% of repetitive tasks and increase productivity. One implication is: how must organizational talent strategies, encompassing hiring and workforce planning, adapt to accommodate evolving work requirements? 3) LinkedIn researchers identified a list of over 500 skills likely to be affected by GAI technologies, including business skills such as financial reporting, email marketing and data analysis. One question this trend raises is: how should organizations integrate these changes into their skills framework or taxonomy? As a bonus, I am resharing a recently published 76-page report by McKinsey Global Institute that comprehensively reviews the impact of generative AI on work, the workplace, and workforce.