Gartner’s August HR Leaders Monthly on Human Leadership | Gartner

Leadership & Culture

Employees continue to think more intentionally about what they want from their work and other areas of life as part of what some have dubbed “The Great Reflection.” And while “leaders” can be categorized as “employees,” the focus on employee preferences often fails to emphasize that leaders are also re-prioritizing what they want from work and life. As part of this reflection, some leaders may determine that people leadership—managing and leading others—no longer fits into what they want from their work. However, they may be less inclined to share this view with their managers openly. But as pointed out in one article in this month’s issue of Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly—“Embracing Human Leadership Takes Active (Re)commitment (starts on p.11)—managers of these leaders can help each leader reevaluate their interest in and commitment to the expectations of their current leadership role. Figure 3. on page 15 illustrates how managers can use performance check-ins as an opportunity to discuss if the leader is still committed to fulfilling those expectations. If so, it provides a chance to establish an active (re)commitment to the expectations of people leadership. If the leader is no longer committed, managers can discuss whether the leader has thought about another role on a different career path. The issue includes other articles on “human leadership.”