Gartner’s September HR Leader’s Monthly on Performance Management | Gartner

Talent Management

This issue of HR Leaders Monthly includes seven articles on Gartner’s latest research on performance management and total rewards. The articles cover topics such as assessing employee behaviors, challenging assumptions of traditional high potential management, and well-being programs for a post-pandemic world, to name a few. One article, beginning on p. 17, covers six predictions for the future of PM. As I mentioned in previous posts, work is becoming more project-based—versus merely role-based—in many organizations. And, this observation is one reason firms are building their internal talent marketplace—where they can identify and quickly redeploy internal talent (where and when needed) as talent needs emerge. The notion of ITM has implications for PM and is reflected in prediction #2: Short-Cycle, Project-Based Performance and Pay Decisions Will Become the Norm. This norm will require the cadence of performance feedback, evaluation, and rewards to align with the duration of project cycles—resulting in “project-to-project performance management.“ HR leaders can use the six predictions and four questions at the end of the article to reimagine PM within their organizations.

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