Generative AI and the Future of Work | Deloitte AI Institute

Workforce Trends

This report by the Deloitte AI Institute provides a comprehensive review of the impact of GenAI on the future of work. While there are various insights in this 43-page report, the section beginning on page 20 delves into fundamental distinctions between ‘work,’ ‘jobs,’ ‘tasks,’ and ‘skills’ and the interplay between each in the context of GenAI.

  1. Work represents the outcome achieved (e.g., achieving sales targets, increasing customer satisfaction) through the utilization of human capabilities and tools.
  2. Jobs (e.g., sales representative, account manager) have been the traditional construct to describe the work humans do to achieve the work outcomes.
  3. Tasks (e.g., writing a report) are specific activities performed to achieve work.
  4. Skills (e.g., problem-solving, data analysis) enable the execution of tasks.

In viewing these four components within the realm of GenAI, it’s crucial to acknowledge that a) both humans and GenAI have skills that can perform tasks to achieve work outcomes and b) some tasks are best performed by humans, others by GenAI, and some are performed best through a blend of both. To help determine which work tasks can be best delivered through which option, page 23 (image of this post) and page 24 provide practical frameworks.