Generative AI: Questions CHROs Should Ask | The Conference Board

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Generative AI—a powerful branch of artificial intelligence that creates new content using trained data—continues to revolutionize the HR function and its impact on workers and the workplace. However, its implementation brings forth several risks that must be recognized and addressed to ensure responsible and ethical usage. This new paper presents 35 questions that Chief HR Officers and their teams can consider while helping to establish guidelines for utilizing generative AI in their organizations. Sample questions related to organizational adoption and policy include: a) Where and under what circumstances will generative AI be utilized within the organization? b) Do we possess the necessary expertise to harness this new technology? How quickly can we acquire the talent required through recruitment, training, or outsourcing? If such expertise is lacking, what changes should be implemented? c) How can we ensure human oversight of AI-generated content and decisions? Will managers have the authority to override suggestions generated by AI/generative AI? If so, who will be responsible for creating, communicating, and enforcing these guidelines? Regarding the implications for the HR function, sample questions include: a) What level of investment is necessary to adapt, upgrade, or replace current HR systems and infrastructure? b) What local, state, or federal laws exist that prohibit the utilization of “automated employment decision tools”? c) What impact do privacy and data exposure have on individual employees? The answers to these and other questions can help HR leaders and their teams critically evaluate the multi-faceted components of AI in the workplace—increasing the likelihood of tapping its potential while mitigating risks.