Generative AI Will Transform Three Key HR Roles | Mercer

HR Effectiveness

I recently shared a BCG analysis demonstrating how Generative AI (GenAI) could increase HR capacity by 30% through task automation and streamlined processes—unlocking the potential for innovation and value creation. While AI has the potential to unlock capacity in multiple HR roles, this Mercer article explores ideas for how GenAI will transform three HR roles: Human Resource Business Partners, Learning and Development (L&D) specialists, and Total Rewards leaders. For instance, L&D specialists invest significant time in program design, delivery, creating training materials, and staying abreast of tech trends. AI automation can assist in scheduling training, managing registrations, providing real-time feedback, and analyzing training evaluation data. The time saved can be redirected towards a heightened focus on learning enablement, curation, and governance. The article underscores that GenAI is more likely to enhance or supplement specific tasks within these roles rather than entirely replace them. Additionally, it stresses the importance of striking the right balance between humans and technology to optimize HR functions. HR leaders can use these ideas to anticipate AI-induced role changes and the skill shifts that will be required of their HR teams. In case you missed it, here is my playlist of 5 resources on AI in HR, including more use cases. And if you want more resources beyond these five, the playlist includes a link on how to get my 15-page PDF with 12 curated resources on AI in HR.