Glassdoor Workplace Trends 2021: 5 Trends Reshaping How We Work After COVID-19 | Glassdoor Economic Research

Workforce Trends

While workers and employers best prepare for the year ahead, this 28-page report shares the five most compelling workplace trends emerging from Glassdoor’s window into the workplace. They include Trend 1Office life will return, but it will never be the same. Trend 2) Employees expect progress, not just pledges, on corporate DEI. Trend 3) Salary expectations get a permanent work-from-home rehaul. Trend 4) Even the best company cultures must adapt to new post-COVID-19 realities. Trend 5) The COVID-19 recession is probably over, but these jobs may never return. Concerning trend 1, there will be a wave of experimentation and innovation around hybrid remote-in-office roles — part remote and part in-office — in 2021 and beyond. And while the pandemic has helped firms break through the cultural and technological barriers that have prevented or limited the adoption of remote work (RW) in the past, 2021 is more likely to be a model of workers splitting time between home and the office. As firms continue to decide how to optimize hybrid work models, they can leverage these three additional in-depth articles that I have previously posted by 1) MIT Sloan Management Review, 2) Mckinsey, and 3) Boston Consulting Group. 

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