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Workforce Trends

This Glassdoor report highlights four workplace trends to be amplified in 2022. They include 1) Hiring won’t be easy in 2022. 2) Remote work will boost access to top talent but at a higher price point. 3) Employers will prioritize DE&I action and accountability. 4) Workplace community will expand beyond company walls. Regarding 1 (hiring won’t be easy), I believe this insight presents even more of a reason for firms to unlock the capacity of their workforce through their internal talent marketplaces. Specifically, rather than filling work needs merely through open jobs, organizations can fill a segment of those needs by redeploying workers in short-term assignments that also support workers’ career goals. Firms should also overcome resistance to hiring nontraditional candidates—those with the skills and desire to perform the work but don’t fit the narrowly defined profile of the “perfect candidate” (e.g., attended certain schools, held specific jobs, etc.) These “hidden workers” get excluded from talent pools and provide firms with an opportunity to meet their talent needs. Does your 2022 talent strategy include tactics on tapping the potential of your internal talent marketplace and hidden workers? In case you missed it, check out a post I made about a Harvard Business School and Accenture report, Hidden Workers: Untapped Talent. 

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