Glassdoor’s 2024 Workplace Trends | Glassdoor Economic Research

Workforce Trends

In its new 2024 Workforce Trends report, Glassdoor highlights eight anticipated workplace trends for the upcoming year, spanning various topics such as shifts in generational demographics, the ongoing transition back to in-person office settings, wage growth and benefits, the impact of layoffs on morale, the changing role of middle managers, and the influence of generative AI. Two insights include: 1) Gen Z (born 2001 to 2020) is projected to outnumber Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964) in the full-time workforce by early 2024. This demographic shift may have implications for workplace culture and the employee value proposition workers seek, considering the value that Gen Z places on community connections, having their voices heard in the workplace, transparent and responsive leadership, and diversity and inclusion. 2) Smaller organizations offering more flexible remote work arrangements are poised to attract workers, especially with many larger firms maintaining stringent return-to-office policies. This aspect of an organization’s employee value proposition is likely to become a differentiating factor for individuals prioritizing flexible work arrangements, potentially giving smaller organizations an advantage over larger counterparts in talent attraction. These and other insights in the report can serve as guidance for organizations as they shape their workforce planning and talent strategies for 2024 and beyond.