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A central aspect of an organization’s talent strategy is global mobility– the ability of a workforce to seamlessly move from one location or country to another and succeed, both in business and personal lives. And with advances in technology and automation, global mobility functions are now able to unload more tactical and administrative tasks and focus more time on refining mobility strategies, talent/assignment forecasting, and analyzing data to support strategic decisions, to name a few. As such, global mobility teams are increasingly evaluating and adjusting the services they traditionally offer to employees and the business so that they can drive business value. This article provides a few examples of how companies are transforming mobility via technology. 1) Using machine learning and AI to predict how well suited an assignee may be to a specific location. 2) Leveraging Virtual Reality where the assignee can take virtual home and school tours, so no need for pre-assignment on-site visits—ultimately driving up efficiency and driving down costs. 3) Using intention-matching where an AI platform helps an employee answer this question, “Is this experience going to move me closer to my career aspirations?” Exploring ideas such as these can help organizations tap into the skills of their global talent and increase the likelihood of having the right talent when and where needed.

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